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Kit and shuttle supplier LI-Ning, Denmark.

DKWay Badminton Academy is a professional centre for up and coming badminton players.

TheDKWay Badminton Academy provides an excellent platform to nurture talented players in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.
  • Develop players that can compete at a national level
  • Provide the best training experience in Hertfordshire
  • Create a group of players that embrace and are proud of being part of the TheDKWay family.

TheDKWay Academy wants to give badminton players from the area the opportunity to develop to be amongst the best in the country using an innovative training system, using the experience of the Danish program, acknowledged as one of the world’s best. The training program revolves around the individual player; to develop individual solutions which suit each player and their future plans.

Every summer TheDKWay Academy sets off on it’s annual summer trip to Middelfart Badminton Klub, for TheDKWay camp, the best badminton camp in Europe. Have a look at TheDKWay website to see what the Academy gets up to.

Quality coaching is important in any sport but even more so in badminton. How can our coaching help you?

Anyone can pick up a racket and play, but with our badminton academy, you’ll get fitter, faster and stronger while learning new skills TheDKway.

We don’t coach badminton, we coach a lifestyle, TheDKWay.

March 2019 News
March 2019 News
Welcome to the following players who have recently joined TheDKWay Academy. DK1 – Kerrin Leader, Diya Prakash DK2 – Chris Clark, Aayushi Dhelaria, Aditi Dhelaria, Ankit Gupta New Rankings for
February 2019 News
February 2019 News
New RANKINGS for all members issued by Badminton England on 22nd February have been added to individual profiles on the website.   From 25 January 2019 to 22 February 2019